recollection of fragmented
emotions & memories

03/09/2022 The Grand hall

Taylor's LAkeside CAMpus

About EPisodic

Taylor’s Symphony Orchestra 2022

Emotions and memories are complex experiences of consciousness that everyone has. Sometimes, it arouses a feeling of joy moments, while other times, it may be sad, anger, disgust, fear, and surprise. Emotions are associated with thoughts, feelings, behavioral responses, a degree of pleasure or displeasure, and often, intertwining with memories too. But, what if memories and emotions can be expressed through melodies? The emotions that no longer stay within ourselves, rather, feel and express them in symphony, echoes with harmonies.

Episodic: Recollection of Fragmented Emotions and Memories is the theme for this year’s Taylor’s Symphony Orchestra 14th Annual Concert. This concert illustrates the consciousness of recollection of a series of fragmented memories and emotions on what has happened, where and when it happened, piecing them back together as a whole. The conductor simply holds a baton as the beacon for all musicians and audiences in recollecting and uniting the memories and emotions with a night full of sounds of music.

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About Tso

Taylor’s Symphony Orchestra

Taylor’s Symphony Orchestra (TSO) started off as the Taylor’s Symphonic Band (TSB) in 2008 founded by Mr. Sunny along with a group of his close friends who are also passionate in music. Taylor’s Symphony Orchestra aims to spread music and orchestra ethos in Taylor’s by providing a platform for young musicians to share their musical experience and further enhance their musical skills, forming an ever expanding musical community within campus. Over 14 years of establishment, our orchestra has been growing bigger and more mature than ever with more alumni. Our orchestra has also been organizing annual concerts, performing in various events and activities, as well as collaborating with internal and external partners too. We are a group of passionate musicians who strive to create music and everlasting bondings and memories together!

Our Conductor

Mr. Sunny Chew Hwai Sun

Principal Conductor

Mr. Sunny’s illustrious career and passion for music began when he was recruited as a French horn player for the well-known Sam Tet Brass Band back in his hometown, Ipoh. He then became the founder and principal conductor of Taylor’s Symphony Orchestra (TSO) and Triple Orchestra Association. To date, he has 21 years of experience in the music industry under his belt and 14 years as a conductor.

Mr. Sunny took it upon himself to lead TSO to where it is today. Under his leadership and guidance, TSO has grown tremendously since its inception and has since, without fail, provided a platform for passionate musicians to indulge and invest their interest in music.

Mr. Royce Tan

Alumni Conductor

Mr. Royce began his musical journey with the violin under the tutelage of Mr John Chong and the clarinet under Mr Andri Arshad. He later became conductor of the Sri Acmar Schools Marching and Concert Band and continued his journey with the Selangor Kuala Lumpur Orchestra and Choir (SKOC) and the Taylor’s Symphony Orchestra (TSO). In addition, Royce has also performed in numerous established orchestras such as the University of the West of England’s Symphony Orchestra where he later became an associate student conductor and arranger under the guidance of Dr Maxwell Davies. Through his years abroad, he also performed with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and the La Mirada Symphony Orchestra.

Mr. Royce also does behind-the-scenes in the theatrical arts with a major global production company – and has been acknowledged by the industry itself through numerous prestigious awards and theatre societies. With his extensive knowledge in performing arts combined with 17 years of experience in music, his guidance both as an alumnus and conductor is definitely invaluable to TSO.

Date: 03/9/2022

Time: 8pm – 10pm

Venue: The Grand Hall – Taylor Lakeside Campus



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